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10 Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repairs

If you are living in a warm, humid and hot climate zone, it’s likely that you depend heavily on your air conditioner to keep your house cool. In fact, in the summer months, your air conditioning needs will go up greatly. Consumers are so used to air conditioners these days that the moment the temperature rises a notch, the AC comes on.

Constant and heavy use of air conditioners over time could result in issues that require air conditioner repairs, which could go unnoticed by you. If you live in a humid climate, your AC could face issues like corrosion, and if left untouched, this could be dangerous. Catching early signs of issues with your air conditioning unit prevents expensive repairs at a later date.

The following are signs you should look for in your air conditioner from time to time to ensure timely servicing and repairs:

1. Higher Electricity Bills

If you notice a sudden surge or increase in your energy bills that are not consistent with your use, your AC is working harder. It is a sign that your air conditioner is not working efficiently and something is wrong.

Problems could be debris or dirt clogged in the filter, and it’s time for servicing. It could also be due to thermostat switch issues, leakage in the HVAC duct, or aging of the air conditioner unit itself. If something is the matter, your AC has to exert more energy.

2. Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cool Air

The whole point of having air conditioning installation done in a room is to have a cool environment.. If your air conditioner unit is giving out warm air and not cooling the room, it is a sign that something is not right with the unit.

Not enough cooling or low vent strength could be due to a failing compressor or low coolant gas due to leakage in the unit. If your air conditioner is not cooling up to your expectation, then it’s time to call an expert to check the unit.

3. Issues Related To The Thermostat

The thermostat is the control center of the AC unit, and it controls the cooling mechanism. It is triggered based on the outside temperature, and it sets the AC unit temperature accordingly when in auto-cooling mode. If you notice that your AC unit is not cooling even at lower temperatures, then it could be a thermostat-related issue.

When the thermostat fails, it is unable to send signals to the compressor of the ac unit directing it to turn on or off, and this impacts the cooling effect. You will experience similar issues even in a manual temperature control mode if the thermostat has failed.

4. Decrease In Blower Strength

Like the insufficient cooling problem, the low strength of the draft from the vents is a sign that something is wrong with the air conditioner. The air coming out of the vent will be cool, but the weak draft will not be able to have a cool effect all across the room.

A weak draft usually indicates that the compressor is failing, and in some cases, it could also be due to the clogging of the duct. To determine the exact cause, you will need to call the repair service company.

5. Odorous Smell

If you smell a strange or foul odor coming from the vent as you turn on the air conditioner, it means something is wrong with the unit. A musky smell indicates that there could be mold within the unit. This may lead to allergies issues if left unattended.

A strong burning smell could be due to a wire that has burnt out within the unit or some other electrical issue. Electric wiring issues must be attended to immediately, as it could result in a fire.

Any foul smell coming from the air conditioning unit always means that something is wrong with the unit. You should call the air conditioner repair company to get it checked and ensure that the problem is addressed.

6. Frequent Problems

A well-maintained air conditioning unit will work smoothly without any issues. However, as the air conditioning unit ages, you will face frequent issues with the unit. The issues are usually due to wear and tear over time and require AC repairing professionals to attend to them and resolve them.

However, if the frequency of problems goes up, then it’s time to buy a new unit and discard the old one. You don’t want to spend endless amounts on an old AC when you can use that buy a new AC.

7. Cooling Is Uneven

When you walk inside your room from one point to another and notice that the cooling differs in the room, this could indicate a problem with the air conditioner unit. It could also be an insulation problem.

You should call a professional to address the problem.

8. Leak In The Unit

The air conditioning unit works on the same principle as a refrigerator. Condensation is a normal process with the air conditioning unit as it cools the room. However, there should be no accumulation of water from the condensation process.

If you notice any leakage in the air conditioning unit, then you must call our aircon servicing company. The leak over time could spread and lead to mold build-up inside the unit. In some rare cases, it can cause a short circuit which could result in a fire.

9. Sounds Coming From The Air Conditioning Unit

You must be mindful of any unusual sounds that come out of your air conditioning unit. There could be several reasons behind the unusual sound. You must get the unit checked by our aircon repair professional to resolve the problem.

10. Increased Humidity

Increased humidity promotes the growth of mildew and mold in the house. This can result in serious health issues for all the family members. If you observe no decrease in the humidity or humidity has increased, then it’s time to call our AC repairing professionals to help repair the air conditioning unit.


Air conditioning units are installed in almost every home. In summer, the use of air conditioning goes up considerably. Depending on where you live, summers can be very uncomfortable. It is important to keep looking for the signs listed above in your air conditioning unit, which usually indicate that it may be time to repair or replace your unit.

If you maintain your unit with our expert aircon servicing at regular intervals, it will last longer and prevent expensive repairs.FAQs:

1. What are common AC problems?

Common AC problems arise due to the age of the AC. If the AC is too old and maintenance is not undertaken regularly, humidity can corrode AC parts. Other issues include leakage and the unit lacking the ability to cool rooms properly.

2. What are the obvious signs of air conditioning problems?

The six obvious signs of air conditioning problems are the lack of cooling, loud noises from units, leakage, bad odors, and the blower malfunctioning.

3. What’s the average lifespan of an air conditioner?

The average lifespan of an AC is ten years, but this depends on individual units and their capabilities and the climate of the place of installation.

4. Is it worth it to repair an air conditioner?

It is worth repairing an air conditioner if you can get the parts easily and if the AC is a few years old. The repair of the AC also depends on the unique problem manifested, and a professional view helps you decide.

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