What Are the Advantages of Using Propane Fuels?


A major advantage of using propane fuel is that it is cost effective. For the money paid, it produces many more units of energy than many other fuel sources. It is an efficient-burning fuel, and propane appliances have a much shorter energy savings payback period than many other fuel sources.


A major advantage of using propane gas as fuel is that compared to many other fuel sources it is environmentally friendly. In practical terms this means that it meets the clean air energy standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. It is nontoxic and soluble in water, and because it is a gas it cannot spill, form pools or leave environmentally damaging residues.


In addition to being non-toxic to soil and water, the production, storage, transportation and use of propane are subject to strict standards and regulations. Propane is stored and used in sealed containers and fuel systems. It is only to be transferred from one container to another by trained personnel. The Propane Education and Research Council reports that propane tanks are 20-times more puncture-proof than conventional gasoline tanks.

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